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Cancun Mexico Map

In the 1970s Mexico's ambitious tourism planners decided to outdo Acapulco with a brand new, world-class resort in the Yucatán Peninsula.The place they chose was a deserted sand spit offshore from the little fishing village of Puerto Juárez, on Yucatán's eastern shore. The island sand spit was shaped like a Lucky 7 and its name was Cancún.

In the last two decades Cancún has grown from a tiny jungle village into one of the world's best-known holiday resorts. The Mexican government sunk vast sums into landscaping and infrastructure, yielding straight, well-paved roads, drinkable tap water and great swaths of sandy beach. Cancun map. Cancún now attracts planeloads of divers, Mayan archeology buffs and sun-seeking resort tourists every year.

Cancun Mexico Entry Requirements

All travelers to Mexico must present proof of citizenship (either a valid passport, or original birth certificate and photo ID.) In addition, visitors must carry a Mexican Tourist Permit, which is issued free of charge on arrival after proof of citizenship is shown, or may be provided in advance by an airline or travel agent. This permit must be given to Immigration officials on departure. Children under the age of 18 who are traveling alone or with only one parent need notarized consent from parent(s).


Cancun Mexico


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Cancun Mexico map



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